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Ghost Trigger Control Connectors & Trigger Connectors

We make the Best triggers for Glocks-Period. We have the best guarantee-all of our connectors come with our no hassle 100% guarantee. You can't go wrong or miss with a GHOST on the inside! All of our trigger connectorsare proudly made in the USA!

3.5 ROCKET-The Best 3.5 made Period! Great for Sport & Self Defense.

This is the best selling Trigger Control Connector in the World!!

FEEDBACK: "BEST DAMN GLOCK TRIGGER EVER"- "I just want to tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the installation of the Ghost Rocket in my G21. The difference in trigger pull is amazing. The only problem now is that ALL of my friends have designated me as their Ghost Rocket installer. Thank you for providing an incredible product at a great price. And your turn-around time is awesome. Thanks a million. Joshua M. H"

5.0 TACTICAL-The Best Self Defense Trigger for Glocks!


"Dear Mr. Viani,Last Friday I received and installed your Tactical 5.0 Connector in my trusty old (90K+ rounds fired) Glock 19. I promptly went to the range and fired 300 rounds without a hiccup. Group size at seven yards decreased by easily a third, and doubles went from four to six inches apart, to within an inch or two of each other. The ability to finally "Double Tap" with my Glock like my buddies do with their Single Action Autos makes me the happiest. Despite much abuse about my ugly, plastic gun, I stuck with my Glock because of reliability and durability. Now I carry accuracy and speed with me as well. Thanks for an outstanding product!Chris M"

3.5 Standard Drop In-Smooth & light all Purpose Trigger.

FEEDBACK: "I TRIED THEM ALL-Arthur, Thanks for making the BEST 3.5 lb connector I have ever used!! I have purchased every other brand including a few Glock ones (I have several Glocks). I've read some reviews on a popular internet site where posters claim some other brand is the best, they must be getting paid to say that because I bought some and they "s__ked". I have only one more thing to say AWESOME!!! - Larry B."

3.5 Ultimate Drop In-the best drop in 3.5 made!

"FEEDBACK: Unbelievable-Arthur, I did not believe your written claims or what all my friends were telling me about this trigger. I bought one figuring what the heck I've spent money on dumber things. Wow! It is the smoothest trigger I have ever tried in my Glock! I did not understand how the debris channel worked but now I do. When I took my pistol down for cleaning I found so much stuff in there that it would have stopped my Glock system no doubt. Thanks and again WOW!!- A very happy street cop Gunther C."

4.5 Ranger-The best drop Trigger in for down & dirty fighting!

"FEEDBACK: 4.5 RANGER- I am impressed for such a good product you must be overwhelmed. You still managed to call me back and offered to do whatever to make me happy. I got your connector in two days from Florida to Oregon . It took 5 minutes to install with a ballpoint pen. My trigger was so hard it jabbed into some peoples fingers. Supposed to be a 5.5 lb factory. I measured it as high as 9 lbs. now I have a 4.25 oz consistent trigger pull. Just makes one hole groups the size of a quarter at 30 feet. I can see why law enforcement and government agencies

use this connector. Thanks for the offer of the free upgrade but I am happy with what I have. Aris C"

Thank you for visiting our website.


Arthur Viani

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