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WE LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS! Your experiences are vital to what we do and to the products we make. Please send us your comments and Photos with you and your Ghost enhanced Glock pistol and we will post as many as possible.
"Dear Ghost People, I love my SR9c but hated the trigger! I stumbled upon your product, the Rocket for Ruger on the Ruger Forum. I was hesitant about purchasing an aftermarket trigger but after talking to Arthur and his assurances that it would reduce my trigger pull weight, eliminate over-travel and generally smoothed things up, I decided to give it a try especially after he said "all of our products come with a no BS money back guarantee". I got the trigger asap and after following the online instructions it was installed, like Arthur said "just take your time". Holy you know what, it is amazing!!! I shoot like a pro!! The trigger pull is not exactly 3.5 lbs but it is slightly below 4 lbs. I admit, it may be my scale or me and I am not complaining. Worth every penny at twice the price!! Thank you for telling the truth and making a great product!! Bill M."
"Just wanted to say thanks. I received my Ultimate, installed it a few days ago and went to the range today. The installation was straight-forward, even for someone like me who has never disassembled a pistol before other than basic field stripping to clean it. As for performance, it's more than I could have expected for a $22 part. I can't measure the pull to quantify the difference, but it is a marked improvement from the factory part and will make shooting my SR9 much more enjoyable. Thank you, David E"
"Just put an Ultimate (for Ruger) trigger bar reset in my SR9. Wow what a snap! If it takes more than 10 minutes to install it's taking to long. The trigger definitely feels better right now. Looking forward to shooting a few targets in a couple of days. Thank you for a simple product that seems to do just what you say it will. Ed C"
"Dear Mr. Viani, Last Friday I received and installed your Tactical 5.0 Connector in my trusty old (90K+ rounds fired) Glock 19. I promptly went to the range and fired 300 rounds without a hiccup. Group size at seven yards decreased by easily a third, and doubles went from four to six inches apart, to within an inch or two of each other. The ability to finally "Double Tap" with my Glock like my buddies do with their Single Action Autos makes me the happiest. Despite much abuse about my ugly, plastic gun, I stuck with my Glock because of reliability and durability. Now I carry accuracy and speed with me as well. Thanks for an outstanding product! Chris M"
"Hello and thank you!!!! I just shot my first IDPA match after installing a Rocket in my Glock 35. Damn, what a difference!!! I had no idea a Glock trigger could feel that great! Now I'll need to put one in my 20 and 23. Thank you! Glenn" "Arthur, I bought one of your Ghost Rockets and orange back plates---- it took me a while to figure everything out and do the work but I am super satisfied with the results. Nice product--- I recommend it for any Glock user. Ken" "I just wanted to thank you for a few things. These day's it's rare for a company to provide such friendly and excellent service. I was most impressed with the hand written thanks on my invoice and the automatic refund of shipping charges on the 2nd order that was able to ship in the first order's box. I didn't even ask for the refund. BTW, the Rocket performs first class, but I'd expected that from reading the reviews. Thank you for a great product and even better service. Chris D" "I ordered the 3.5 lb. (ROCKET) from BROWNELLS... Man oh man was I impressed. The directions are easy and to the point...no problems. I have tried several different brands of 3.5 connectors, however the 3.5 GHOST ROCKET is the "slickest" yet with NO over travel at all.... Very Good Product.. I will recommend to all Mid-west GLOCKSTERS I can.... Billy Glock"
"Arthur, First off, I was leery of ordering the Ghost. After all there are so many rip offs out there these days, that make all sorts of claims. Well I finally figured, what the heck, for $25.00, I didn't have too much to lose. I placed my order for the 3.5 Ghost and the orange slide plate (a must have) on 07/21/03. It arrived on 07/25/03. You can't beat that with a stick, especially in today's hurry up society. The installation went very smoothly and your instructions were perfect. I am no gunsmith and I will admit that I did have some apprehension. The process probably took me longer than it could have as I was using a fine sharpening stone to shorten the TCT. As it turned out I could have used something more aggressive. The orange slide plate came in really handy for the first couple of assemblies. When I got the TCT to the correct length so the trigger would release each time, then I went back and did some burr removal and polishing. I dry fired the heck out of the thing and no snags. Today I went to the range and put 200 rounds through the gun. Not one hitch or hiccup. The trigger is smooth and consistent through out it's stroke. The 3.5 connector makes a huge difference. There is next to no over-travel and the trigger reset is right there. In fact you have to remember this when field stripping, or you wind up pulling the slide too far back. What did the paper say? Well my groups are much tighter and more consistent. The trigger now is sweet. I really noticed the tighter groups in my strong hand, weak hand practice. My strong hand always grouped the right, and vice versa for my weak hand. That was probably more to trigger control than anything else, but now the hits are right on the money. Point of impact at 10 yards is now about 2 inches higher than before. I always had to have the rear sights at the max to keep from being low. Not now. Sorry to be so long winded, but when I get good customer satisfaction, I make it known. It is really nice to purchase a product that does what it is claimed to do. Thanks Doug S" "Arthur: Just a little update on our progress up here in Richmond. Lindsay has finished my G19 and G31 receivers. To say that the triggers are improved is a vast understatement. Everyone who has looked at this modification is impressed. Even one of my friends who claims to have sworn off Glocks forever admits that these triggers are most impressive. I just picked up a G17 in a private sale tonight and gave it to Lindsay without even dry firing it. Also, I let one of the guys at the pistol match shoot the G31 tonight and he committed to have three pistols modified by Lindsay. You have a great product. Ill be placing an order for two more within the next couple of days. By the time all the shoutin is over well have a bunch of your triggers in Richmond. Best regards, Jim T"
"Awesome product. No more overt travel and I can hold it on-target much easier when the firing pin is released (which is definitely a "surprise break" now that it's so smooth). It's a much nicer reset now, too. Definitely worth the $25. Thanks! - Rob C" "I ordered and installed your rocket connector. I highly recommend the orange slide cover. Following your instructions I was able to install the rocket myself. Patience did prevail. It eliminated all over travel completely. Thanks for your great service and product. Bill A."
"Hi, Dear Arthur! Once more I come back to you. In my shooting club and to some shooters from other clubs I installed near 20 Ghost Rocket trigger connectors. Before that I often listened about Glock: "It's not for practical shooting", But now many shooters were understood, with this trigger enable to do more better results. Thank you from Israeli IPSC shooters. Now, I want to order more. Sergey T."
I apologize for the delay of this e-mail. I did receive the replacement rocket that you sent. I have installed it and it is working wonderfully. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your helpfulness and professionalism in working with you. In this day and time it is rare to find someone like yourself that cares more for the customer that just making a buck. Thank you for everything.
Robert V".
"Dear Sirs, Week before last I ordered two 3.5 Rocket connectors. Not only was I VERY HAPPY with the connectors, but I WAS THRILLED WITH YOUR QUICK ORDER TURNAROUND TIME! I order gun accessories over the Net every week and I'm used to it taking 7 to 10 days to receive my orders. Within 3 days after placing my order the connectors were here! I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROMPT ORDER HANDLING AND WONDERFUL PRODUCTS. I just ordered another 3.5 Rocket for my third Glock - keep up the excellent work! Yours Truly, Joe B CLU, ChFC"
"Well Bill and I went shooting this weekend and I've got to tell you we are both very happy campers. Your system makes a Glock trigger as smooth and crisp as can be. We also found it made double taps much quicker and easier to control. Before I put the Rocket connector in I was lucky to keep my doubles in a six inch plate at seven yds. now two to inch and a half are common. You have a very good product and I'm sure as the word gets out you will be overwhelmed with orders. I don't have but the one shooting buddy and as you know I put one in his G23 and he's as ecstatic as I am. Before I ordered the Rocket I went on Glock Talk and asked around about it and didn't get much of a response, so I've decided to go on and let them know just what a great product the Ghost Rocket is, it has turned my G36 from a gun that was very marginal in accuracy to a gun that has no trouble in three inch groups at twenty five yds. and very tight groups at seven. Thank you again for all the time you took with me in the installation process, you personal help made all the difference in the world. If you ever have anybody that wants to know just how good the Rocket is feel free to give them my e-mail address, I would be more than glad to sing it's praises. Thanks Again, Chuck H"
"Dear Arthur & Pat, How are you both? I'm fine. Just wanted to tell you that Collin and I both won our Divisions on Sunday at the Match. I was High Over All and Collin was 7th over all. Collin couldn't stop talking about the Ghost Rocket to everyone. I think you'll be seeing some more of our friends next gun show here in Orlando, Fl . Haven't talked to Stav yet, but I'm sure he's Very Happy with his. That Ghost Rocket is such a Great Idea, you are a Genius!!! Keep up the Great work. Robbie"
"Hello Arthur, the Ghost Rocket package arrived yesterday (Nov. 1) and the connector fitted, very easy to do and I'm not a Glock Armorer. I just had to go out to the Range to check for function and reliability, using a Glock 35. Trigger is much better, no over-travel and it seems to reset even quicker. Very happy with the Ghost Rocket, can't wait for our next match. tnx, Chris S."
"Hi Arthur I received the Rockets Friday of last week and installed it that evening. The installation, after my initial apprehension, was really quite simple and straight forward. 3 fits and 6 short, light strokes from a fine file, and all was in place. At first it was hard to notice the difference but after re-installing the original part and getting the feel and then installing the rocket the difference was quite noticeable. So much so that the Glock won't fit in its box in its intended manner, due to the trigger finishing further forward and impinging on the trigger locator in the Glock case. I have since tried it at the range and all functioned as to be expected. It will take some time for me to become as proficient with the new trigger as I was with the old, but the training should pay off with speed. Once again thank you for your assistance. I will be spreading the word about the Rocket Regards, Mark B."
"Hey, this is Chris B - I left you a phone message earlier inquiring as to my order status! Shortly after I left the message the postman came by to give me the package - talk about service! Anyway, got the product installed (3.5 rocket) - this was my first attempt at disassembling the gun - everything went smoothly - I of course had the failure to fire issue upon reassembly, and it took me awhile to figure out how to disassemble the gun when I couldn't fire (I didn't have the orange stop) - finally got it, got everything set right - and I can say I am very happy! I test fired about 100 rounds with no issue, and the trigger is much improved! Thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price! Chris"
"Awesome product. No more over-travel and I can hold it on-target much easier when the firing pin is released (which is definitely a "surprise break" now that it's so smooth). It's a much nicer reset now, too. Definitely worth the $25. Thanks! - Rob C"
"Hi Arthur, I got my pistol back with the 5.0 and the extended slide release. All I can say is I love it! The trigger pull is fantastic, no comparison to what it was. It breaks clean and crisp with no over travel. And the extended slide release is just enough longer to make releasing the slide sooo easy. If you ever need a reference for your parts and service feel free to use my name. Thanks again, Mark B"
"I was having problems grouping with my new Glock 27 as I was not used to the trigger motion. Initially, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about your claims. However once installed, (which took me about 30 minutes), my groups immediately shrank by about 50%. I'm impressed. The over travel is gone. Same-hole shots with full power ammunition at close ranges now occur normally. Its worth every penny and in my opinion is a must for anyone who carries a Glock, particularly the compacts. CMS"
"Arthur, Thanks for sending me the 3.5 lb connector. I have only one word to describe it, OUTSTANDING. Larry S." "Arthur, Thank you for your prompt reply. I installed the 3.5 in my Glock 21 and fired 50 rounds yesterday. It is a new gun and I have only fired 100 rounds. The 3.5 is an excellent addition. The pull is really smooth and makes sight acquisition much quicker. I love it! Best regards, Jack T"
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